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Meet Kerry McNally

Hello, I’m Kerry McNally – founder of Reiki Campus Australia, where you can study Reiki with me at your own pace, in your own time.

Time is so precious these days and we seem to have so little of it.  I know first hand how difficult it can be to commit to several weekends of study to get your Reiki certification.


There are definitely great social benefits to meeting in a Reiki class, but for those who can’t because of distance, scarcity or condition, we offer online courses.


I have built these courese in a way that you can access them at a time that suits you. Each student gets their own login and can study at their own pace.  


So if life demands your time urgently –  you will never miss a class.


As you work through each course, you can read the content, watch the videos, stop and pause when you need to, and go back to the course units to revise at any time.


As questions come up, you go to the forum and ask them.If the answer isn’t already there, ask away, and our instructions will answer it for you almost immediately.


Students at Reiki Campus have a personal tutor allocated, and you will have access to weekly meditation classes, and online workshops to connect with your tutor and other students.


You may choose to start your Reiki journey with your Reiki I course online, and then choose to do your next course with us in person – we are completely flexible and want to cater to your needs.


Membership of Reiki Campus is lifetime. You’ll always be able to go back and refresh your knowledge at any time.  Simply login to review your course information.


I encourage you to enrol in the Free Introduction to Reiki course where you will learn more about Reiki, what it is and how it can be applied to your everyday life. In this free introductory course you will learn about how a Reiki treatment is administered, what it feels like and the learning pathways you can take to become a Reiki Practitioner or even a Reiki Master. Participants who successfully complete this course receive recognition for prior learning towards Reiki I.


Whilst you’re here please sign up to receive our newsletter which will keep you up to date on what is happening at Reiki Campus. I wish you all peace and joy.


Introduction to Reiki

This FREE course will teach you about Reiki: what it is and how it can be applied to your everyday life. You will learn about how Reiki treatment is administered, what it feels like and how to become a Reiki Practitioner or even a Reiki Master. When you complete this course you will receive learning-credits towards Reiki I.
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Reiki I

Reiki I has nine modules and 28 units. During the course will will receive four attunements (one each week) and four workshops (one per week). The course starts at the beginning of the month and completes by the end of the month. When you complete you will be able to perform Reiki self-healing and you will be able to heal your family and friends.
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Reiki II

The Reiki II consists of 12 modules and 20 units. During Reiki II you will receive one attunement and four workshops (one per week over four months). You will learn how to apply the sacred Reiki symbols and use them in your Reiki healing – for yourself and others. You will also be a certified Reiki Practitioner, allowing you to treat paying clients. You can also use Reiki as an adjunct to any other healing modality you use with your clients.
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Reiki III

During this course you will receive the attunements required to become a Reiki Master, allowing you to attune others.

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About Reiki Campus

Reiki Campus™ instructors have been training Reiki Master/Teachers and Practitioners for over 15 years in the Usui System of teaching.

You will find our curriculum has a strong emphasis on professionalism with a focus on ongoing spiritual practice, personal character and strong ethics.


When you join the Reiki Campus study program you will discover it has been designed by learning specialists to provide students with a comprehensive learning experience.


You will have full access to our instructors and tutors via video conference, online forums and email.  You can ask your questions and get guidance from our experienced instructors throughout your course.


Your online learning program is further enhanced with optional face-to-face learning programs and retreats organised for students in Australia.


At the completion of a program the student continues to receive ongoing support and encouragement through our Reiki Campus Forums, where they connect with past and present students and continue to share their lessons and experience with others.


For more information regarding our online courses click here.

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