Course Requirements

You’ll need a computer, some basic software, a Google+ Account and an internet connection. As well as either a head set or a microphone – that’s it!

You may also want to journal your Reiki journey so use either an online journal or a hardcover journal, this is entirely your choice.

Important Student Information:

Generally with online learning there are no classes to attend, so you can study whenever and wherever you want, to fit in around your work and social commitments. Instead of attending classes, you read through your study materials in your own time, and then complete your assessments online.

If you’re new to study, returning after a break, or have never studied we recommend you complete the free Introduction to Reiki Course, to give you a feel for studying online.

Reiki Campus Students.

As students studying through Reiki Campus you will need to work within limited time-frames, as most of our courses are 4 week courses beginning at the start of the month, and ending at the finish of the same month.

To ensure you are able to do your Reiki Campus course in the month that suits you best, it is essential you:

  • Enrol early for the time frame which suits your study requirements, and
  • Commit to attend all Attunement Workshops and Online Workshops on the date and time you book them through our Calendar.

English  Language  Proficiency  Requirements-  generally  relating  to  the  level  of  English  at  secondary  school  required  to  undertake  the  reading  and  writing  tasks associated  with  the  course.

Students  under  18  Years  Old

Reiki Campus  primarily  targets  mature  learners.    Studying  by  distance  or  online learning  requires  discipline  and  focus  to  ensure  students  progress  through  the  course.  As  such,  only  in  exceptional  cases,  a  student  under  the  age  of  18  years  may enrol  where:

  • They  meet  the  English  Language  Proficiency  Requirements;
  • They  have  undergone  a  consultation  with  a  Tutor regarding  the  requirements  of  the  course  and  expected  time  commitment;  and
  • They  have  obtained  guardianship  consent. This will require your guardian speaking to your Reiki Master/Teacher via a Skype call.  

Course  Deferral

Students  who  wish  to  defer their existing  course  must contact their Tutor.

Course  Cancellations/Refund

Students  who  wish  to  withdraw  from  their course must do so within 7 days of payment being received by Reiki Campus Australia.

Enrolment  in  the  Course

Where  a  student:

  • Has paid their tuition fees they will receive a Confirmation of Enrolment email that is auto-­-generated.  At this time, the student is formally enrolled in the course.

Shortly after the Confirmation of Enrolment email, the student will receive:

A welcome email including:

  • How to get started;
  • How to be successful in online learning; and
  • Online access to Reiki Campus Student Centre, including login and password details.  

When  a  student  logs  in  to  Reiki Campus Student Centre,  the  student  is  provided  access  to:

  • Their Reiki courses and modules including learning materials and assessments.
  • Access to their first On-line Workshop; which includes: Introduction to their Tutor; Introduction to the Principal of Reiki Campus Australia;  and information about the  Student  Forums,  providing access  to the student FAQs and the other Reiki Campus Students via the Facebook Group.  

International students
Wherever you are in the world, we’d love to welcome you to our online community!

But first, it’s a good idea to ensure you’re ready for online study. As an online student, you’ll need:

  • Computer and online communication skills;
  • A computer that meets our minimum computer requirements; and
  • English language skills.


Reiki Campus Australia is an education development group specialising in online and distance learning vocational courses for adult learners, and we do not provide any university or school level courses.

Protecting your privacy

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